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About Irrelevant Theatre

Irrelevant Theatre is an East Asian queer women-led theatre company based in London and worked internationally. Formed in 2015, collaboration is the core of our working method, through which we create cross-disciplinary and multicultural work that goes beyond our identities. Inspired by contemporary social affairs and phenomena, our work aims to tackle social issues through theatrical experiences that challenge us and our audience alike. Our work explores themes such as human nature, power, individuals and the collective, questions the notion of identities, and aims to raise awareness/self-awareness and provoke thoughts in our audience.


From black box theatre to online live stream, from adapted classical texts to experimental audio-led experience, we seek new possibilities and new techniques for delivering exciting and relatable theatrical experiences. Our practice breaks traditional theatre boundaries to cater for a new generation of audiences who care about what we're going through today as global citizens, we strive to bring them a new voice and a fresh perspective unique to the UK theatre scenery.


Meet The Team


Director · Writer · Actor 


Director · Writer · Actor 


Sound Designer · Scenographer

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