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Paper Crown
A re-imagined version of My Life as an Emperor by SU Tong

September 2017, Corbett Theatre, London

October 2017, Bloomsbury Festival, London

Adapted from the fiction ‘My life as Emperor’ by the well-known contemporary Chinese writer SU Tong.


Bai is forced to be an emperor of Xie at the age of fourteen, but she wants to do tightrope walking as a street artist. When she finally gains independence as an outsider of the power centre, she is able to live on her own and for her own.


An emperor narrates the history of an imaginative dynasty from the emperor’s perspective, and the progress from passively facing fate, to actively search for own independence.


The rises and falls of this imaginative dynasty can be seen in all times.

The mind and actions of this fictional emperor can be found in all of us.


History belongs to all men.

Times change, not men.

Creative Team

Playwright: Tianxin Tian

Director: Tianxin Tian

Dramaturg: Simon Usher

Actor: Xinxi Du; Tracy Lin

Set Designer: Rhyannon Richardson

Costume Designer: Rhyannon Richardson

Sound Designer: Xue Lu

Lighting Designer: Tianxin Tian

Poster Designer: Zhaoyue Fan

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