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By Xinxi Du
A new writing based on the true story of Chinese writer Lao She

June 2016, RADA, London

January 2017, The Courtyard Theatre, London

June 2017, Pembroke College, University of Oxford, Oxford

August 2018, Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Edinburgh

October 2018, China Changing Festival at Southbank Centre, London

Lao She, an author of great esteem who was given the title of People’s Artist early in his career, he was later deemed a public enemy during the Cultural Revolution. As the fate of the real life Lao She intersects with the character he wrote, the production asks questions about freedom and survival, identity and history, as well as our own standpoints and roles in contemporary society.



A thought-provoking emotive tragedy, and a notable watch for Western and Asian audiences alike.



It is a lovely little piece of theatre which is using theatricality to shine a spotlight on the worst phase of a government that continues to rule in similar fashion.


Creative Team

Playwright: Xinxi Du

Director: Xinxi Du

Actor: Yongning Zhang; Tianxin Tian; Alice Zhang; Yuyang Liu; Huiyi Lu

Lighting Designer: Xinxi Du

Sound Designer: Xue Lu

Set Designer: Minglu Wang

Poster Designer: Zhaoyue Fan

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